Web 2.0

As far as an opinion of Web 2.0. I can say that Word Press is a benefit and so was Facebook. But as for web pages and creating interesting content that is an improvement over the first web pages that were developed by programmers. It was to bad result that programming was removed from everyday use. The amount of growth of the web was slowed by 10 years by people creating web pages and ending up not learning any programming to make it work. I wonder if we would have as many breaches in security if developers were writing the code for these sights. As a basic structure of a web site ones a person gets a skill and they try to make money with the sites then their was potential for breach.

Beginning HTML

So after three weeks of learning HTML it is sticking and familiar to me when I am writing code. It must be the text and writing in APA format during college. First I learned how to program in Pascal years ago. I took a class in it in my community college days. Then I tried visual basic and C+. I have worked with java and java script. My very first programming with on a Texas Interments using basic.

HTML does not have much that is exciting for programming. But instead of trying to learn a language I took the focus of learning to use it for creating a simple page. That probably was just enough of a difference to make coding work for me. I am interested in seeing if coding CSS works as much as HTML does.

The true difference was having some time to really ask a key question for my learning style and getting a real answer from a programmer that is about a year further down the line than I am. He said that programing is more repetition then memorization. That told me that I can locate the answer and that I would be able to know I needed something.

It is important to know that I need to put a tag or rap the text in code, but I didn’t need to remember exactly how to write every tag.