New subsites

These 2 categories are put into place to help us understand blogging and what our clients are looking at when building a web page. It gives us insight into social media. There is money out there but what is real and what is just low yield.

Come follow our growth. We see that our skills be will up to a solid business level in 6 months. So after April 2017. What does this mean well we will have enough experience and content knowledge to help our customers find places that can help them and keep away from ones that won’t help.

Jquery Dom

The DOM document object model

There are parent and child sub categories.

You put the $ to call jquery

You can manipulate to DOM

traversing (manipulate a document) why not say manipulate

Event Methods
mouse API Important What you can do
Effects (over time) animation
Events user interacts: forms, browser change size
Traversing, manipulate a document adult/child, sibling parent