Sport Stars and Instagram


There are many sports that make money on their players. But players can use Instagram to help them increase their marketing. By having pictures of themselves taken during games and practice they can increase interest in themselves at contract signing time. Or they might get more money when they had an endorsement from a company.

There are sports with limited exposure except for ESPN 8. So these stars are needing to market themselves to increase interest in the sport and themselves. Instagram can be a great marketing tool.

When a person that is in a sport that is not a major player their is still money to be made but not millions. The only thing is that they do not want to do things that will make them self or their team look in a bad light.

So if they start to use Instagram they can get their name out their and it is done mostly by showing them in their sport. From their they can get information about their name out for fans and for potential agents and business opportunities. They might also be able to make a second carrier after they are done playing their sport.

Cut your own tree, use Instagram

Find the best tree for Christmas. Some people still go and cut their own tree. But it can be hard to remember what the tree looked like or where it exactly was without a GPS.
But with Instagram you can not only find a few samples of trees you can keep an eye on good ones for years. All you have to do in load them into your Instagram and you can see how well they are growing. You can also choose the tree and set out to get it with not having a Christmas adventure like the Grizwalts.
Once you have your choice then you will be able to take pictures of it as time gets closers to cut it. You can also use its picture to have family vote on what decorations would be best for it.

Collections and Instagram

You can use Instagram to show a collection of collectibles. You can create a story with types or time stamped when you got it list. This can be helpful if you need to have an insurance investigate loss or damage.

You can also use it to show others on your Instagram or Facebook account what you have in your collection.

If you are going to sell items you can sell them without selling them. In other words by showing others you will say to them this is important to you and if they desire one they can get it from you but it will cost because how could you part with it Interest can spir need. And if you are showing it on the Internet it will get likes and comments. All you have to do is let it be known that you like it but you are really interested in another item then you will probably get a higher offer than if you sold it on ebay.

Also it can help build your reputation as a collector and an expert in this category. So put your stuff in your Instagram account and connect to others and enjoy the discussion.

Banned on Reddit

Brightoncode was banned on Instagram we wrote about using Instagram and using it for marketing. There must have been real good information because there was no way that we would have been banned for writing what we did. Someone did not want to let out a secret, that we let out. We are just writing about usual practices. Sometimes when someone uses an item different they think they have invented something new. But in reality they just are doing things in a way that not many people knew about. The programmer had probably understood this could happen and hoped that users would find it. It’s like locating something in a video game. You’re not special for finding it, the game writer put it there. But I guess we are going to be pointing a spot light on Instagram marketing in another subreddit.

Christmas House Lights and Instagram

When it comes to lights at Christmas time most people put up a few lights or they go all out. For the ones that go all out there is a need to keep up with everyone else and get new lighting systems in place.

The problem is that after you buy lights there are presents for all the people in your life. And if you have young kids you are probably young and not making much salary. You can use the credit card and probably are. But do you want to be paying for your Christmas decorations in June?

Instagram can be your best friend. When you are putting up your lights take a few pictures of the before and during set up. This can help you in future years remember where and how to set up your snowman so the power cord would not be the only thing plugged into that extension cord.

If you see some houses that you like or might want to copy some of their ideas, take an Instagram of the place and post it. That way when Christmas is over you will be able to go to the store and buy those lights.

After Christmas is the best time to buy your lights. They are the cheapest that you will find during the year. If you take some pictures of the lights before Christmas then you can remember the ones that you liked and get them much cheaper then they were before Christmas.

When you take pictures of others Christmas lights and put them on Instagram, you can remember them years later. Every year there is the new blow up decoration and the new colors to use. The current one is the laser display. But they can be expensive. By taking pictures of them in a few years there will be knockoff versions that are cheaper. Also by taking and posting some Instagram pictures you can see if people like them or it might just be you. And sometimes it’s not the lights that are the eye catcher but the way the person set them up. So use Instagram to put your ideas together and see what friends think. They might give you some ideas, or they might have extra decorations to help you get started.

Making bank with Instagram

There are a few ways that can bring in the cash from Instagram. But one way takes time. The other will cost a little and start you on your path. is a great site to help. They can get you many followers with guarantees for your money. The great part is they work. Many people have found that starting out here is a way to get up and running. It helps with also putting out good content that is interesting.

There are many different methods to be able to get followers. But they will all take time. You want Instagram to get content out there that people will find being beneficial to them. If you are not able to pay for as many as you would like then just use some for a time and then add more. Also remember to great real followers that link though your Instagram account. This will give you a constant source of income but it will take time or quickly increase your choice. Look to to help. Contact them and see what you think.

Instagram and Makeup

There is a lot of money that females put into hair and make up. Their haircuts are not even really haircuts and they can cost 400% more than a barber for a guy. Instagram can be very helpful to a girl that wants to try out some new styles and they want to get opinions about make up and hair.

For makeup they will be able to get opinions from other girls that probably are not as friendly so be careful. But they really don’t want to buy a bunch of new makeup for their style and not wear it again after the first day of buying it. Sometimes it is good to get opinions before you head out looking like the living dead. Unless you mean to look like that!