New Baby use Instagram

There are ways to get your baby on Instagram and not bombard your Facebook account. There are many wonderful ways to get picture of your new baby for everyone to see. Remember that if you already have children that can get on and see your Facebook account you will want to use your Instagram account. For all of those new babies’ pictures that will help keep your other children form feeling left out or not as important. You can also have fun with it by taking pictures that you know you and your child will want to see when they get older. There is something about using the Instagram story with grandparents that is fun for them also.

Pomodoro Timer

This is a simple timer that is used in cooking. But timers were probably first used years ago by moms to get their kids to finish up work before they could go outside. Todays mom would use it to keep the amount of time that their kids can be on the computer or watching tv before homework and bed.

How to use it for working on coding. There are times when you need to just walk away from coding. But this took is helpful to get you to open up your compiler and run some code. By the time it goes off you will probably reset it for more time. They usually have 25 minutes on them. This is as much time as is needed to accomplish something before your mind can or can’t connect with the work and keep on learning.

Personally I find that location is more important then time. I try to move round as much as possible. I will take a computer outside or sit in my tv room without the tv on. I find that this works for me about 30% of the time. Sometimes I have to set a timer for 15 minutes or 22 minutes to help me code. That is because I know that I will only write before I start producing crap or I will be able to stay their for hours.

If I find that I don’t want to code or I am looking for excesses to keep from working, then I try to see what is the one thing that I need to accomplish, like pay a bill. That helps me to start getting into the flow of working with my logical brain. I make sure that what I am learning or working on is set in front of me and my compiler and project is loaded. There is no one answer but as long as you get more coding done that is the key.

Instagram Money

There are a few ways that can bring in the cash from Instagram. But one way takes time. The other will cost a little and start you on your path. is a great site to help. They can get you many followers with guarantees for your money. The great part is they work. Many people have found that starting out here is a way to get up and running. It helps with also putting out good content that is interesting.

There are many different methods to be able to get followers. But they will all take time. You want Instagram to get content out there that people will find being beneficial to them. If you are not able to pay for as many as you would like then just use some for a time and then add more. Also remember to great real followers that link though your Instagram account. This will give you a constant source of income but it will take time or quickly increase your choice. Look to to help. Contact them and see what you think.

Instagram on Vacation

Instagram is the best for vacations. There are many times that you want to take pictures and show them to people of your vacation. But after sometime people do not want to read about your vacation. They want to see you swimming, eating, sky diving, going to a famous museum. That way they can live the event through your eyes. They really do not want to have you explain it unless they have a question or they want to know about your hotel or a good place to eat. They want to see if it will be a place they would want to go. Or they know they will never go there but still want to know about a place other then where they live in the world.

Instagram and a fisherman

Instagram can be great for fisherman. There are two types of fishers. One is the fish for fun. Another is the guy that enters into fishing contest. They are both going to be spending money to get great gear and travel. The difference is that both can use Instagram to help pay for their fishing.

The fisherman can put pictures on Instagram and talk about gear. They can discuss when they went where and the best times to be fishing. They can show pictures of catches and people that they fish with. This will lead to friends showing your Instagram pictures and people with cabins or places that you need to try giving you that information because they want to be connected with other fisherman. They want to buy their way into the fishing circle that you have built up through your Instagram account.

The professional can use an Instagram to show the gear, fish, and products that they are given by advertisers and sponsors. They can show how they caught a fish with this bait or rod. There is money to be holding a fish with the right had and glasses on your face. And if people go to your Instagram page they can then see what you wear. That will probably give you more dollars at the next contract time.

Instagram for a flowershop

Flower Shops have to be one of the best Instagram users in the world. They are liked by everyone and there are many different shops that have different prices. But the most important part is that the customers trust the shop. Most people that buy flowers understand that they are going to cost some money but when the flowers that are delivered or gotten at the shop are not what they thing they will be are not as likely to return to that store.

By using Instagram a Flower shop can show pictures of some of their products. They can also show hours that they are open for holidays. There are also times when they can show special products that they can make for customers. They can show customers with their flowers and show people at the shop. This will help to make people feel they understand what they are getting from the shop.

Food Cart and using Instagram

The food cart owner can use Instagram for many different reasons. One they can use it to show customers where they will be and what they have with them to eat. They can have customers shown eating their food and giving thumbs up.

There are many different pictures that they can take. They can show the weather and what people are doing when they stop by to eat with him. They will also be able to show changes that are made to the cart and specials that they are having.

Web Developers and Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful way for a web developer to connect with clients and future clients. They can show parts of their services. They can show pricing sheets. They can change their marketing according to the client they are trying to grab.

If you use more then one account a web developer can target clients at the level they need. If a big client keeps getting information about building Word Press sites and they have a major site that needs updating for credit customers and security for enterprise the communication from a developer needs to reflect that. It’s not about the size of the web developer’s team. It’s about getting them to see you as capable while you are still working with quick turn around projects. And you really do not want a big account seeing you take thousand from some projects and asking tens of thousands for bigger projects. They might try to low-ball you.

Restaurant using Instagram

There are small mom and pop hole in the wall eateries that have some devoted followers. They can use Instagram better then many chain restaurants. They probably cannot make changes to their menu often for the cost. But they can use Instagram to remind people of specials and hours of operation that they have. They can show a picture of a stake or vegetarian kabob. They can show different ways that guest want on their meal.

There are special events that might be happening and the restaurant wants to promote there up coming event with an invitation. There are games or TV shows that they invite people to come out and watch as they are enjoying some drinks and food. They can get specials and happy hour deals out their for different people.