Galaxy Tab 2 

Pulled out the tab 2 and charged it up. Took a few hours. Was not sure if it would start up. But it fired up and updated apps. It is still functional and able to do many things. It’s just slow and really can only do one thing at a time but it has a good screen and speakers for working in the garage or outside. I find that the battery needs charged after a few hours but it can stay plugged in and is fine.

Great Blog Learning

I am using this post to talk about a great blog support system from a good programmer that I found on youtube. He really has some good ideas and he is middle of the road as how it comes to doing things. But most of all he has been around and has been successful. Some are success and some lessons are from mistakes. But you can learn a thing or two from him. Blog Email Course from simple Want to traffic your blog and post learning from an experienced blogger/programmer. If you want to sign up for this course you can link here Blog Course Information.

js concatenation strings

When in js you are going to put a box for a visitor to fill in something you need the prompt var statement.

When putting in a string you need var name = ‘message’;

and you can use this to combine many string values

var guest = prompt(‘Leave us your name’);

var hello = ‘Hello ‘ + guest;

hello += “Glad to have you here”;



This gives you an output for the visitor that greats them with their name. This is called concatenation putting all of these elements together then writing them out into the page. The hardest part is following others examples. When writing my own code it seems to be easier. But as of know this is easy to understand but I can get turned around fast. So I only spend a few minutes thinking about it. But I really do like it. Even though I feel as if I am learning to walk and running into the coffee table so much my forehead has bruising.

js console

The js console is a helpful tool that is in all browsers that allows the js code to be reviewed and fixed. If you are working with a very long code page then the console will give a link to the area of the broken code.

Chrome it can be called up by ctrl,shift,j

Safari is control j

Mozilla under Dev Controls, Console

Edge download from App Store

Internet Explore No one ever should codes on this *(*&^*&^ browser.

There is a lot going on in this. But after sometime I will probably at least know how to get around in much of the important areas. It reminds me of Xcode. There is just to much going on at first. Most is just different ways to do the same thing. But when you only know one way in and you push a menu to open it. Lost is where you end up.

Call up js

In the html document it is important in the body toward the end to call the js up


This pulls up the file that has a .js ending to write all the javaScript. But it is near the end of the body to let the page load before it pops up.

And adding alerts by alert(“”); in the js file.  I did not realize that these were alerts that I was making at first. I have 6 pop up. But I did not read them. I thought that I was getting attacked. But I read one and saw my own sentence floating in a box. I was like cool, that’s what it does.

js alerts, write to doc

The very first thing that I wrote was about making an alert. by alert(“”);

And the second thing was to write to a page document.write(“”); with <h1></h1> html inside the area. Interesting how html is rapped around js. That is probably going to lead me back into css because I left a little early. But I was excited and I can recognize both html and css.

Note: I am going to try and bold commands so they are easier to pick out.